Configuring samba as a PDC for our lan

Jay Ts jay at
Tue Nov 20 13:33:04 GMT 2001

> Well, to tell you the truth, I know very little about OS levels, and have
> never seen a map of Windows version => OS Level (though I've never
> looked...), but I successfully configured my samba server as a PDC for Win2k
> machines using the OS Level 64.

Here is a partial map:

A computer gets a value by its OS:

Windows 3.1		1
Windows 95		1
Windows 98		2
Win NT Workst. 3.51	16
Win NT Workst. 4.0	17
Win NT Server 3.51	32
WIn NT Server 4		33

And a computer gets a value by its role:

active backup browser		1
standby browser			2
active master browser		4
preferred master browser	8
WINS client			32
PDC				128

I am using an os level of 65, which I assume is
higher than Windows Me and Windows XP Pro. But
I haven't actually checked, so don't take this
as reference info.

Jay Ts

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