Problem with profiles win98

Jay Ts jay at
Mon Nov 19 23:06:02 GMT 2001

> I've been using Samba v2.0.6 no a RH Linux server for a couple of years =
> as a PDC for Windows98 and Windows95 client machines connected on my =
> LAN.

Just out of curiosity, do you allow the Win98 and Win95 profiles to
be stored in the same directory?  I've noticed very weird behavior
sometimes when one Windows version's profile overwrites another
version's.  I'm not sure if Win98 profiles are totally compatible
with Win95 profiles.  But I don't think that's related to your problem.

> No problems until a month ago one of my users complained that it =
> took more that five minutes to login to the network.  I started =
> investigating and found that every time this user logs into the network, =
> win98 sends a few thousand files to this user's profiles on the server.  =
> These files are located in:
> /home/$user/History/History.IE5
> each directory is named:  "MSHist" with long number strings in the sufix =
> of the directory name.  In each directory there is a file called:  =
> index.dat.

I would guess that this is Internet Explorer's history list, which
might be found somewhere like C:\Program Files\...\Internet Explorer\...
whatever.  Or maybe some odd directory under C:\Windows.  Did you look
there?  That is, to find Internet Explorer's data files?  Try using
Windows Explorer (the one found in the Start Menu->Programs).

Oh wait ... try here:  C:\Windows\History.

> I have cleaned up all the TEMP directories on the win98 machine and =
> deleted these directories off the server.  But when this machine logs =
> into the network, it sends the directories to the server again and take =
> a few minutes to log into the network.

Whoa ... don't you mean when the machine logs off the network, it
uploads the files and takes a long time?  Roaming profiles are written to
the server when the user logs off, and downloaded to the client when
the user logs in.

Jay Ts

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