Printing from Linux-Box on Printer connected to WinNT4 Server

Oliver Methfessel oliver at
Sun Nov 18 11:48:03 GMT 2001

HI There,

I have a small LAN here at home. As a server I have got a Windows NT4 
Box, as Clients I have  seom Win95 /98 Boxes and for some weeks now  a 
Suse 7.0 Box.

Everything is working fine. Except one thing:

I can't print on my Printer (Hp DJ 820Cxi) which is connected at the 
server.    With the Windows-Clients it is no problem, but with the 
linuxbox I am not able to print.
I have joined succesfully the domain called "methfessel" and installed 
the printer like desribed in the docs from

When I want to test the configuratoin by typing

    lpr -Premote test.txt

he tells me

   bash-2.04# lpr -Premote test.txt
   lpr: connect: Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt (: connection refused)
   jobs queued, but cannot start daemon

For Information:

   I named the forwarding queue remote (in apsfilter, generated with 
   I can access all the other shares on the server, also the printer 
named "hp" (with smbclient)

Any Sugestions how to solve that problem???

Thx. Oliver

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