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Mathias Wohlfarth MathiasWohlfarth at
Thu Nov 15 06:34:03 GMT 2001

We are testing Samba PDC (2.2.2) for running in a production environment on
AIX. We need a function to set a user password timeout. Is there something
in the 2.2.2 Code (maybe hardcoded). From my W2K Client it looks like 42
days, but I don't have time to wait 6 weeks.
I found a mail on samba-ntdom from simon at (June 13th
2001) with code for implementation of "user password time". Are there plans
to implement it. This function is highly required!

Gerald Carter <gcarter at> on 12.12.2000 17:55:21

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Thema:  Re: HEAD: password expiry

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Matthew Geddes wrote:
> >
> > I forgot to mention that it's today's CVS and I'm using the
> > --with-tdbsam option. I have the same problem if I use
> > today's CVS of the main branch.
> I'll fix it.

Check out a new copy of head and see if it is fixed now.
Currently password expiration is hacked in to never flag the
user account as requiring a password change.

May need to wait to the HEAD cvs tree to sync with the anonymous
CVS tree.

Cheers, jerry
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