Samba Bug???

Lyubomir Velkov lubo at
Thu Nov 15 05:38:01 GMT 2001

Probably it was because today all machines finds their domain without
need to be restarted :-)
May be you are not affected because of LDAP or 2k WS-s - I don't know
I have RH7.1 machine in native samba mode - its my PDC, WINS and DNS
server and workstations are NT 4 SP6

Recently I have posted mail about message appearing on the console from
time to time saying:
   kernel: probable hardware bug: clock timer configuration lost -
probably a VIA686a    motherboard.
   kernel: probable hardware bug: restoring chip configuration.
to samba-ntdom (which nobody answered unfortunately) so maybe my problem
is kernel-chipset-bug related - I cannot say but today everything is

Doug Douglass wrote:
> > Ahaa, that explain why every day when I got to work my NT WS-s can't
> > find their domain server!
> >
> > But one question - what I am supposed to do now - disable samba log
> > rotation or not allow logrotate to kill smbd & nmbd ?
> >
> > Doug Douglass wrote:
> > >
> > > Are you both on RedHat systems, using logrotate? Check the
> > logrotate script
> > > in /etc/logrotate.d, I bet it sends a HUP to nmbd.
> > >
> > > Doug
> Well, I don't know if this is the root of your "can't find domain sever"
> problem. I use the default samba logrotate script (from RPM) on my Samba
> PDC, and several other Samba servers, and haven't had this problem.
> Note that all Samba servers are RedHat 7.1, Samba 2.2.1a+LDAP patch; clients
> are mostly Win2000 SP2, we have one Win2000 Server that is a member of the
> domain.

Lyubomir Velkov
University Of Rousse

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