Samba Bug???

Doug Douglass samba at
Wed Nov 14 09:56:02 GMT 2001

> Ahaa, that explain why every day when I got to work my NT WS-s can't
> find their domain server!
> But one question - what I am supposed to do now - disable samba log
> rotation or not allow logrotate to kill smbd & nmbd ?
> Doug Douglass wrote:
> >
> > Are you both on RedHat systems, using logrotate? Check the
> logrotate script
> > in /etc/logrotate.d, I bet it sends a HUP to nmbd.
> >
> > Doug

Well, I don't know if this is the root of your "can't find domain sever"
problem. I use the default samba logrotate script (from RPM) on my Samba
PDC, and several other Samba servers, and haven't had this problem.

Note that all Samba servers are RedHat 7.1, Samba 2.2.1a+LDAP patch; clients
are mostly Win2000 SP2, we have one Win2000 Server that is a member of the

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