New NTLOGON Script & one question

Gabriel Orozco gorv at
Tue Nov 13 09:56:02 GMT 2001

Hello All.

I definitely liked the script that can let you make a ntlogon.conf and then dinamically build the logon script that is sent to the windows machine. But it lack the ability to check all the groups a user belongs to, and also had some glitchs that I already fixed. now I have a better security with easier management using that script. I will be posting this as a maintainer to ntlogon in as soon as I finish the docs :)

On the other hand, sometimes my users or I cannot connect to the domain. it tells that there is no domain. if we click cancel, and try again, then it finds the domain and logon us.

the domain server is the same wins server.

what can I check to see wat happends?


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