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Hi Samba list,
I have a problem with Windows NT password authentication.
I describe you my system. I have 3 PC on LAN network:
- first with Windows NT, service pack 6a and PDC of NT domain FELIX (BIOS
Name: Superserver) and with NT Domain Server I have configured a member
domain server LINUXSRV (Netbios name of Linux Server)
[Moeller Daniel (QI/CCE21) *]
  - second with Red Hat Linux 7.1 and installed Samba 2.2.2 (Name: Linuxsrv)
- third with Win 98 (BIOS Name: Aquaba)
I tell you my problem configuration.
I have created the file smbpasswd with 
cat /etc/passwd | > \
and I set smbpasswd file with 600 permissions.
Now, I stop two deamons smbd and nmbdon NT server  and write on the
smbpasswd -j FELIX -r superserver 
after, I have read this answer:
clie_nt_setup_creds: auth2 challange failed 
modify_trust_password: Unable to setup PDC credentials to machine
200/11/09 15:24:46 change_trust_account_password: Failed to change password
for domain FELIX
Unable to join domain FELIX.

On the NT Event Viewer I have read:
Event ID:5723
The session setup from the computer LINUXSRV failed because there is no
trust account in the security database for this computer.The name of the
account referenced in the security database is LINUXSER$.
Finally, I want that LINUXSRV begins a server member of NT FELIX Domain
Can you help me?
Antonio Morrocchesi
(Florence) Italy

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