Samba Version 1.9.18

marksamba at marksamba at
Tue Nov 13 04:22:03 GMT 2001

Hello all,

We've been running samba version 1.9.18 quite happily on a Sequent S5000 box running dynix/ptx v4.2.3. We are now moving to a IBM P660 running AIX V4. I have reinstalled samba on the new box from a tar file and copied over the smb.conf file. When I expand Network Neighbourhood I can see the configured shares however whenever I click on any of them to expand further I get the following message:  \\'ServerName'\'ShareName' is not accessible - The specified network name is no longer available. I've run testparm and smbclient and all looks ok. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look.

Thanks in advance,

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