Patch for events like "On Create", "On Modify"...

Jason Cook jasonc at
Sat Nov 10 09:53:06 GMT 2001

* Daniel William Schultz (danws at wrote:
> Hi all :)
> I have spent my night thinking about one problem that my company asked me to solve, and I come to the conclusion that is a little
> bit easy to do ( I guess... ).
> The problem with the Recycle bin was solved with the patches that Brandon made ( )...the recycle bin is working fine :)
> Lets see: The files go to the bin on a kind of "On delete" event ?
> Why don't create one patch for "On Create/Modify" event ? We could use it for checking viruses "on the fly", dont you think ?
> I was looking in the subdirs of the samba source, and I found one audit.c , on examples/ looks like a kind of 
> logging on create/modify/delete/chmod files and create/delete/rename directories.
> Looking by this side, we could change the audit.c, and instead of logging this actions, it could exec one command like: 
> "/usr/local/av/uvscan --parameters... %var"
> I really don't know how to do this ( In fact I'm trying to find some docs about C to see if I find the parameter needed to change the audit.c to execute other command ), and I will try to learn a bit of C to change, but I don't know if I will make it...
> So, the idea is boss is asking every day for this, and I don't know another way to make things easier to work
> with one antivirus :/
> Thanks to Brandon for the Recycle Bin patches, thank you all for the attention.
> Daniel William Schultz.

This is being worked on as a VFS module be Rainer Link.  See <>.

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