Multiple Samba server in Domain

Daniel Botella daniel.botella at
Wed Nov 7 23:11:03 GMT 2001

I clarify that i would have :
1 samba PDC which authenticate users and manage homes directory for a 
lot of them
1 or more other samba server (not PDC) which manage the directory of the 
others users.

Then I can't set   logon home for all users in the global section :

example : 
user A1 and A2 have their home directory on the PDC
user B1 and B2 ont the second samba server

the logon home parameter would be :
   logon home = \\PDCserver\%u for users A1 and A2
   logon home = \\2ndserver\%u for users B1 and B2

Another question is about the user's creation. Must I add the users on  
the two samba server ?
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From: "Daniel Botella" <daniel.botella at>
Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 3:49 pm
Subject: Multiple Samba server in  Domain

> Hello,
> I Have a PDC on my domain wichn manage users with home on 
> directories on 
> it
> I Would install a second samba server and distibute the user's 
> home 
> among the two servers
> How (and where ) can I declare to the PDC that one specific user 
> must 
> connect to the specific samba server and mount his home directory 
> on it.

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