Backup with samba

Filipi D. Vianna filipi at
Wed Nov 7 09:02:04 GMT 2001

cyroreal wrote:
> I've got a samba 2.2.2 server that is
> the PDC of my network, and i want to
> make a backup of all win98 workstation
> on the server, the my documents
> forlder of each win98 client as
> computername_date.tar.gz. Besides that
> i want also make a backup of the /home
> directory of my server as
> server_date.tar.gz and the copy
> everything to a cdrw on the server.
> What backup software do you guys
> sugest me to use?? Or the better way
> is to create scripts  and use crontab
> to copy it to the server.
> Tanks in advance for the help.

I already did the same thing you want to do,
and I did using crotab calling some cshell
scripts and everything is going fine.


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