Samba 2.2.1a as PDC ... Win2k srv client, don't wan't roaming profiles

Aubin Galinotti aubin.galinotti at
Tue Nov 6 06:02:02 GMT 2001

    Hello all,

While reading the mailling-list archives I have seen many people having
problem to set up roaming profiles, I have exactly the opposite problem.

I don't have roaming profiles set on my server and I don't want them.
But I tried to add a Win2000 advanced server in the domain (just as
member, no BDC or wathever) and when I log on the windos box, it
complain about not being able to get the profile from the server.

So how can I desactivate roaming profiles ? is it something on the samba
server side or on the windows server side ?

I don't have the "logon path" parametter, and no share named "Profiles"

I tried using poledit to set the default o local profile rather than 
roaming profiles (tried to save them as NTconfig.pol or ntconfig.pol in 
the netlogon share) but it still don't work

   If anyone have an idea ?

		Aubin Galinotti

here is a summary of my config :

### Samba server ###
Samba 2.2.1a running on RedHat 7.2
(installed using RPM)

### smb.conf ###
    netbios name = PDC
    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    os level = 64
    preferred master = yes
    domain master = yes
    local master = yes
    domain logons = yes
    security = user
    encrypt passwords = yes
    smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
    logon drive = X:
    logon script = %u.bat

    comment = Network Logon Service
    path = /data/samba/netlogon
    locking = no
    public = no
    browseable = yes
    guest ok = yes
    writable = no
    case sensitive = no
    preserve case = yes
    short preserve case = no
    default case = yes

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