FW: XP/Samba securities

Elliot Mackenzie s354199 at student.uq.edu.au
Mon Nov 5 14:47:02 GMT 2001

I had an existing setup here with 2K machines logging on to a samba pdc.
After some early hiccups with failed logons (resolved with the aid of
kind people on this list I ), I was able to get XP machines logging on
to the samba (2.2.2) domain.  However I have noticed some differences.

Previously with the 2K machines, it was not possible for users to
install software among other things.  With the XP machines, users are
free to install software, drivers, codecs - in fact, users are able to
do anything an administrator can do short of changing passwords and
creating users (users cannot do this).  They are not marked or in a
group marked for administrator privileges.  Fortunately these machines
are still isolated as test machines, but this may pose a problem.  Is
this normal or is there something I have done incorrectly?  Is there a
more convenient way to prevent this or is it just a matter of finding a
decent policy editor and setting up the XP machines differently from the
existing 2K machines?


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