Winbind crashing PDC

Mello, Luiz MelloL at
Mon Nov 5 09:42:05 GMT 2001

I am trying to make our samba server authenticate against our NT 4 PDC with
no success.

I am following the how to by John Trostel with samba 2.2.2 on RH 7.2. 
Created a machine account for samba on the pdc, compiled samba with winbind
and with pam, built a smb.conf with domain master = no; local master = no;
preferred master = no; os level =32. If I try to join the domain using
smbpasswd I get the error cli_pipe: return critical error. error code was
0." This causes the PDC to crash, and no passwords are accepted on the PDC.
If I try to restart the PDC I get the error no sufficient permissions. The
only way to do it is with the PWR button.
If I try to join the domain using samba that was not compiled with winbind
it joins fine.

Has someone has success in having samba authenticate with a NT4 PDC using
winbind? What could be going on?


Luiz-Robertto Mello
LAN Administrator

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