Samba and icons

David Flynn Dave at
Sun Nov 4 13:48:01 GMT 2001


> Hi all,
> My clients, wich running win98, don't associate correct icons with .exe
> files. The showed icons seems to be ms-dos program icons. With other
> extensions (i.e: .txt, .pdf, etc.), everything works fine.
> This is a bug related in this version of samba or wrong set of smb.conf?

That is possibly normal windows behavior, if an executable dose not have an
icon in its resources (a part of the executable binary), then windows will
display it with a default.

If you know the program should have an icon and has the wrong one, you need
to purge the local icon cache (which is something windows maintains for
speed, but can easily become corrupt) -- you will need something like tweek
ui to do that.

Windows would show the same problem though if it were unable to read the
file, ie, it was only able to get a dirlisting.



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