[OT] Cross-posting

Oliver newsinabox at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 1 14:29:02 GMT 2001

Hi all!

Since I'm subscribed to more than one samba list I would appreciate if 
people stop cross-posting their threads to more than one of them. Try to 
choose the appropriate list and if you don't get an answer you still can 
try to get one on a different list.
The expiry date of this list will soon be reached if so many people keep 
cross-posting. Many people get annoyed if they have to re-read lots of 
threads again and again and will simply stop answering to questions. And 
they might even decide to unsubscribe. I don't think that this is what 
everybody wants them to do and to be the destination for this list.
So once again: Please, try to avoid cross-posting!



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