Profiles store in server

Ariel Mella ariel at
Thu Nov 1 10:21:02 GMT 2001

I have a samba PDC.
all its working ok.
i have one share per user and maps its to the users with the "net use p:
/home" in the logon script.
the problem is that im using this script to add a drive in "My Computer" and
the users copy important data to this drive and later ill back up directly
in the server...
using the policies i activate roaming profiles and now all the "Aplication
Data" is copying to the drive of the user.. thats ok, but i want to know if
there is a way to choose another directory to store the data of the profile
of the users and "hide" (browseable = no) this data to the user, because the
users only knows about microsoft office files and when they come to its own
directory the see a lot of garbage (aplication data containign IE, Outlook
Express, etc.)


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