Samba ist very slow

mjorda at mjorda at
Thu Nov 1 00:36:03 GMT 2001

Hello list members,

ist' really a pain in the neck ..... running samba as PDC and 
everything is working fine but ... if a user tries to open a Word, 
Excel, PDF etc. document by double clicking on the file in the 
explorer it take 30 to 50 seconds to open a 5 kb file. This is not 
always like that but mostly - very strange. With explorer and copy I 
don't have that problem.
I found in a news group a solution. They said, the caus of the prob 
is an incorrerctly defaulted parameter, which affects programs 
opening files but does not affect copying files with explorer. So, 
they recommended to put 4 lines in the smb.conf to solve the prob.

lock directory = /var/spool/locks/samba
share modes = yes
oplocks = true
locking = yes

I did that but the prob was not solved.

Has anybody any idea to get rid of that. I mean I'm not the only 
person in the world trying to open files by double clicking them whit 
samba. Maybe someone had that prob and solved it.

thanks in advance.


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