problems with hp2000c and kodak 8670PS printers

Patrizia Canton cantonpa at
Fri May 11 13:26:51 GMT 2001

I installed successfully on my samba server (Linux Debian 2.2rev2,
kernel2.4.3), acting as PDC, the printer
drivers for HP2100 and HP2100TN. 
I can use these printers from win98 and
WINNT clients with no problems.
Now I am trying to install a printer driver for a HP2000c and a
Kodak8670PS printers.
I am, as usual, connecting from a winnt client as root, go to the server
printer folder, select the printer properties and use the new
button to install the drivers. I select the HP2000c printer , then the
starts copying the files from the cd to the samba server
everything seems to be ok, but  then it stops saying "unable to copy the
NTx86 driver". If I look on the samba server in the W32X86 directory I can
see the files *dll, *exe, etc. for my HP200c printers. But the printer
does not work.
I set-up the printer for the win98 clients with no problem.

If I try the same procedure for the kodak printer
I cannot find the correct *inf file on the cd of the printer, so I cannot
change the driver from "NO PRINTER DRIVER AVAILABLE..." to the correct
If I try to install the kodal printer from a win98 client, the program
complains it need the win98cd, I put the win98 cd, and then I was able to
configure this printer for a win98 client.
Any idea?

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