lot's of problems.. -why there is no answer?

Leonardo Luiz Padovani da Mata barroca at coltec.ufmg.br
Thu May 10 19:34:51 GMT 2001

i'm using a linux PDC server with samba 2.0.8. My server was a NT 4.0
machine but i have changed it for linux. Everyone could log in and see the
linux file server.
Here is the problems
1- Whem i try to install a new machine it won't acept to enter in the new
NT domain, i have to put that machine in the older domain. after that i
could change it into the new nt domain, but i whant to uninstall the older
2- I whant to shutdown every 40 machines over the network, i have tryed
lots of windows programs and nothing works, there is a way to do this with
the linux server?
3- I whant to delete the local profile created in the NT workstations over
the network, is that possible?
4- Why when i'm using roaming profiles my network "gains a lot of
collisions" ?
That's it....
Sorry about the terrible english, this is because i'm not english,
canadian,australian or american. :-)


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