Group policies not working with win2k, samba 2.2

Nick Urbanik nicku at
Thu May 10 14:11:01 GMT 2001

Dear team,

I have had no luck with group policies in Samba 2.2.  User policies work
fine.  I have read and re-read Microsoft's documentation, the Samba
HOWTO Collection from CVS, and chapter 6 of the O'Reilly book: "Managing
the WIndows NT Registry".

I also find that I need to delete NTUSER.DAT from a user's profile if
they accidentally get the Default User's profile.  I am running Samba on
Red Hat 7.1, as well as RH 7.0.

The user has no specific user profile.  I also tried deleting the
Default User's profile.  Still the group profile does not get applied.
Please, can anyone suggest anything?  Other aspects of Samba as an PDC
for WIN2k clients work really well, although the security tab for a
Samba share shared to a group appears confusing to my friend, a Windows

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