NT box will not logon SAMBA

Elliot Mackenzie s354199 at student.uq.edu.au
Thu May 10 13:46:46 GMT 2001

The fact that Samba 2.2.0 CAN run as a PDC for the W2KSP1 machines I am
running is the main reason I chose it over the ridiculously expensive
clogware that is Windows Server.  Seriously, it runs fine, some things are
not totally implemented yet, but as far as login scripts, logins, logouts
etc go - it's all there.  Check the samba website, everything you need is
there (even example smb.conf's for running samba as a pdc).  I don't really
have time to look at your smb.conf tonight (two exams tomorrow) so you will
have to ask someone else for assistance with that. :)

Oh, and see if your Windows machine is still running as smoothly as it was
when you booted it up two months earlier :-)  Samba only got shut down on
our machines here to upgrade to new 2.2.0 (of course without rebooting <nt
users agast>).  Prior to that the samba service had an uptime close to three
months (moved buildings three months ago).


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I am totally new to UNIX and to SAMBA so don't be too hard on me.

I have been looking at the possibility of using Solaris 8 for Intel as the
server OS with clients running NT or Windows 2000 for an upcoming project.
Initially SAMBA, from the reviews, looked to be the PERFECT solution.
However, been working for the past several days and have not been able to
get my NT box to logon to SAMBA. I can ping the Solaris 8 (SAMBA) box..but
can't logon...can't even mount/map a disk.

I have followed Step # 2...many times..drank lots of coffee. Keep looking
over my smb.conf file and making changes but felt that it was time to ask
for some help from people who may have been there already. Any suggestions
would be appreciated, I have attached a copy of my smb.conf file for all to
laugh at...

Also, reading through the documentation I came across section 6.7 -
DOMAIN_CONTROL.txt. It was very disappointing to find that SAMBA really can
not act as an NT Domain Controller? This was a KEY reason why we were
looking at SAMBA...some rumors that I have heard say there are plans in
SAMBA version 3.0 for this? Is this a true statement? If so..anybody have an
ETA on version 3.0?


Dave B.

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