./configure --with-pam_smbpass fails

Shanker Balan shanu at exocore.com
Thu May 10 10:56:25 GMT 2001


CVS now compiles --with-pam_smbpass. ;)

I am however not able to sync UNIX passwords after adding the following
to smb.conf. I have removed the older chat based lines from smb.conf

    pam password change = yes
    UNIX password sync = yes

I am using openldap-1.2.11-15 with pam-0.74-22 on a RHL 7.1 system. 

Snips from the samba logs:

smb_pam_passchange_conv: Could not find reply for PAM prompt: Enter
login(LDAP) password: 
PAM: unable to obtain the new authentication token - is password to
smb_pam_error_handler: PAM: Password Change Failed : Authentication
token manipulation error
smb_pam_passchange: PAM: Password Change Failed for user xxx!

I can successfully change passwords using LDAP passwords using "passwd"
as normal user.

$ passwd
Enter login(LDAP) password: 
New UNIX password: 
Retype new UNIX password: 
LDAP password information changed for foo
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully

-- Shanu

Gerald Carter wrote,
> applied to 2.2 tree.


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