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Dirk Maaß dm at
Thu May 10 10:42:51 GMT 2001

siva wrote:
> I want to setup a samba with nis . I having a problem in configuring
> single password for NIS + samba. Any body had done this. Please suggest
> the way to do this.
> Raz
I'am not an expert but I managed it somehow (solaris 8, samba-2.2.0).
If yppasswd <user> works without asking for an existing password the
following lines in smb.conf should work

  encrypt passwords = yes
  unix password sync = yes
  passwd program = /bin/yppasswd %u
  passwd chat = *password* %n\n *password* %n\n *attributes*changed*

As I understood, the 'passwd program' is running as root when called
from samba, so 'yppasswd <user>' should not ask for an password if it is
invoked on the NIS-master.

Somebody has told me about another solution using 'passwd' instead of
'yppasswd' and doing a NIS-Update (through 'cd /var/yp; make') from time
to time by a cron job. Again, samba has to run on the nis-master.

Unix users have to use 'smbpasswd' to change their passwords (or
'smbpasswd -r <sambaserver>' to do it remotely).

The above is just written on my experience. You should look in the
samba-faqs for the 'official' way.

Dirk Maass

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