URGENT: Please Ignore my last E-Mail of approx 25 minutes ago.

R.J.Mckeating at lboro.ac.uk R.J.Mckeating at lboro.ac.uk
Wed May 9 09:30:38 GMT 2001

No problem, as a university we use Exim for our mail server and it does stop and
search on any email with vb stuff atached, so it would not get through.  Even if
it did, like a lot of people nowadays my desk top is linux so it would not
affect it anyhow.

Quoting Nigel Moore <nigel at geefx.com.au>:

> Hello Everyone,
> Could you please ignore my last E-Mail with the subject "Homepage" as it
> is
> a virus. I received an E-Mail from a well respected client and I saw
> "Check
> out this cool home page" with a homepage.html attached. The .vbs
> extension
> was hidden until I clicked on it to open, within 35 seconds (the time it
> took me to unplug my ethernet card). It ended up sending to this mailing
> list.
> I extremely apologise for this, and hope that no-one did the stupid
> thing
> like me and opened it.
> If you use Outlook and have a Personal Address Book, it would have sent
> it
> to everyone on your mailing list and added a registry key that doesn't
> do
> anything.
> Regards,
> Nigel

Ron McKeating
Computing Services
Loughborough University
01509 222329

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