SAMBA_2_2/Win95 problem

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Wed May 9 05:28:42 GMT 2001

At 02:43 PM 5/9/01 +1000, David Schwarz wrote:
>Hi guys,
>we have a problem with the release version of 2.2,
>Win95 machines can mount shares, and see files in them,
>but not subdirectories/folders.

Hmmm, that is strange ... I am running Samba 2.2.0Alpha3 and do not see
that problem on my Windows 95 system ...

>If you enable show hidden files and directories on the 95 workstation
>you can see all hidden directories (ie those that start with a . )
>you can also type a direct path, and change into the subdirectory fine.
>It all works as expected from NT and  Win2000.
>Has anybody seen this problem ?
>Have I done something dumb ?
>I can send more info if people need it.

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