Whose Running Samba as a PDC

Seth Vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue May 8 17:10:51 GMT 2001

> Well, apparently Netlink is free also if you own Solaris.
> I'd assume one of the biggest advantages is that it offers BDC support.
> Granted Samba runs on more platforms, but Netlink runs on the platform you
> are using.
> I'm not trashing Samba.  I was just curious why you would move away from a
> product that "seemed" to offer more functionality and is free also?  It
> helps developing your own strategy when you understand why other
> professionals do the things they do.  Just picking your brain for the
> reasons. :)

I'd think at least one reason is the access to source and the larger base
of people who can support you. additionally, I find that samba releases
patches and updates more often than most closed-source vendors.

And of course there are some of us who use samba b/c its open source and
we believe in the goals of the open source or free software movements.

I think any of those reasons are good ones.  More pragmatic ones:

Being locked into one hardware and software vendor (sparc and solaris) is
not a good way to promote future scalability. So samba offers you


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