Oplock problems and Netscape

Walter M. Oldoni walti at supertronic.it
Tue May 8 07:24:14 GMT 2001

Eric Pilger wrote:
> The issue: something netscape is doing with locking files in the profile
The same issue here: users get their netscape (4.x) profiles locked
if it's saved on a samba disk, lots of runaway processes and so on.
The file netscape.hst is tha major candidate to be locked.

The samba server is Solaris 7, configured as a PDC, 'official' 2.2

> My workaround for the moment is to move the netscape profiles for the
> users that have the most difficulty to their local hard disk. They lose
> out on automatic backups, but they make up for it by not having their
> machines hung.
I've vorked on the hardware side of the problem... using cisco switches
(35xx class), we have partially solved the problems using this configuration
of every interface:
- a carrier delay of 4
- spanning tree enabled
- totally autonegotiated (speed, duplex)

Knocking wood, this is working for us.

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