Oplock problems and Netscape

Eric Pilger pilger at kahana.higp.hawaii.edu
Mon May 7 22:50:13 GMT 2001

The issue: something netscape is doing with locking files in the profile
directory fails. Samba keeps starting new processes to meet the request,
without getting rid of the old ones. Samba reports the file(s) as
already locked under a no longer existant PID. Eventually the whole
thing crashes and burns, first for the user, then eventually for
everyobody (if I don't catch it).

I used to have absolute chaos with these run away processes. I brought
it under control and thought I might have licked the problem by setting
the Oplock Break Wait Time to 10. However, I apparently still get at
least 1 user spazzing out per day, even after trying settings of 15, and

My workaround for the moment is to move the netscape profiles for the
users that have the most difficulty to their local hard disk. They lose
out on automatic backups, but they make up for it by not having their
machines hung.

What is going on here? I never, ever had this problem until 2.2.

Eric J. Pilger

Systems Administrator

Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology/SOEST

pilger at pgd.hawaii.edu


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