homes share and logon path

Mike Rylander miker at
Mon May 7 20:40:45 GMT 2001

It is a windows thing.  The logon dirs NAME is cached, not the acutal 
connection, so in the case of 'logonpath = \\server\\%U' windows attempts to 
reconnect the first users home dir (shared by the [homes] section).  but if 
you force samba to do the thinking ('logonpath=\\server\profiles' and 
'[profiles];path = /home/%U/profile') then windows can cache the name 
'\\server\profiles' all it wants.  Also, puting the profiles in a subdir 
called profile in each home directory helps keep the home dirs clean (a must 
if the users use both windows and UNIX).  Of course I could be wrong about 
all of this, but that is how I understand it, and this works for me.

On Monday 07 May 2001 15:43, Ron Peterson blathered on about %s:
> I was thinking about something along those lines also.  Like you say, %U
> is reinterpreted on each connection.  But why does the [homes] share
> have problems, then?  This is what I don't understand.  I /think/ I
> /maybe/ kinda get it, but if I'm really honest about the situation, I
> must admit I'm confused.
> How is [homes] being evaluated differently?  Is this a Windows thing or
> a Samba thing?

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