homes share and logon path

Ron Peterson rpeterso at
Sun May 6 03:59:08 GMT 2001

The Smamba 2.2 PDC FAQ says it is bad to set "logon path =
\\%N\%U\profile" in smb.conf, because sometimes Windows clients will
maintain a connection the \\homes\ share after the user has logged out.

I'm just trying to understand this.  When /does/ Windows drop a
share?  Setting up a [profiles] share as /home/%U/ would suffer the same
problem I take it?  And the trick, then, is appending %U to a shared 
share (so to speak), not making %U part of the share itself.  Correct?

I would really like to keep /home/<username> a one stop shop for a
person's stuff, including roaming profile data.  Is there a good way
to do this?  A [myhomes] share pointing to /home, and "logon path =
\\%N\myhomes\%U" perhaps?  Yes/No/Maybe So?

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Mount Holyoke College
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