ASCII files have CR's stripped with Win2000

John Benedetto jbenedet at
Fri May 4 21:45:41 GMT 2001

Okay... "moving" how?  FTP?  or as a shared drive?

And, the files from the Unix side, that they are editing on the PC side, 
that is a normal occurance, isn't it?  If the file originated on the Unix 
side, the LF/CR problem will be there regardless, and is normal behavior, 
isn't it?

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> I am moving ASCII text configuration files (less than 10K of text) from
> other unix machines and from WinNT4 machines to the Samba server and then
> using the Win2K machine to pick the file off the server.  The file once
> picked up is all on one line.  Users are spending time going through the
> files with a text editor and reinserting the <cr>'s.
> Mike
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>	 When you say they are stripped, are you moving the text files to
> samba and
>	 then looking at them in unix or are you moving files to samba and
> when you
>	 open them in windows later, they are messed up?
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>	 Subject: ASCII files have CR's stripped with Win2000
>	 > Hello,
>	 >
>	 > I am running SAMBA 1.9.18 p10 on a SUN Ultra-1, SunOS 5.6 and see
> the
>	 > following problems:
>	 >
>	 > 1. When I use Windows 2000 (SR1) to transfer ASCII files to/from
> my Samba
>	 > UNIX file server, the carriage returns often get stripped.  This
> is not a
>	 > problem when using a Windows NT4 (SR5) PC.

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