ASCII files have CR's stripped with Win2000

Wagner, Mike Mike.Wagner at
Fri May 4 13:57:29 GMT 2001

I am moving ASCII text configuration files (less than 10K of text) from
other unix machines and from WinNT4 machines to the Samba server and then
using the Win2K machine to pick the file off the server.  The file once
picked up is all on one line.  Users are spending time going through the
files with a text editor and reinserting the <cr>'s.


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	When you say they are stripped, are you moving the text files to
samba and
	then looking at them in unix or are you moving files to samba and
when you
	open them in windows later, they are messed up?

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	> Hello,
	> I am running SAMBA 1.9.18 p10 on a SUN Ultra-1, SunOS 5.6 and see
	> following problems:
	> 1. When I use Windows 2000 (SR1) to transfer ASCII files to/from
my Samba
	> UNIX file server, the carriage returns often get stripped.  This
is not a
	> problem when using a Windows NT4 (SR5) PC.


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