ASCII files have CR's stripped with Win2000

Wagner, Mike Mike.Wagner at
Fri May 4 13:02:23 GMT 2001


I am running SAMBA 1.9.18 p10 on a SUN Ultra-1, SunOS 5.6 and see the
following problems:

1. When I use Windows 2000 (SR1) to transfer ASCII files to/from my Samba
UNIX file server, the carriage returns often get stripped.  This is not a
problem when using a Windows NT4 (SR5) PC.

2. My level of Samba uses "plain text" passwords, which must be enabled in
the Win2K registry.  However, after less than 24 hours the Win2K PC lost
access to the Samba UNIX file server and I had to change the Win2K machine
registry back to require encrypted passwords.  This is wrong.

May need to enable plain text password in Win2K OS
*	Regedit:
*	Value Name:	EnablePlainTextPassword
*	Data Type:	REG_DWORD
*	Data:		1

Does anyone else see these problems?
Is there an easy fix from the Win2K side?
What release of SAMBA addresses these problems?

Thanks for the help, I fear that these issues have been addressed here
Samba list member for ten hours.


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