one server for two domains

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Thu May 3 17:23:21 GMT 2001

Hi Martin,
There are a couple of things you could do;
1. have your nt admins set up a trust between the two NT domains, and have
"allow trusted domains = yes" (which is the default) in your smb.conf.  Then
when domainb/user  tries to access a resource on samba, which is
authenticating to domaina, the password server in domaina will authenticate
the user via the trust between domaina/domainb.
2. If these couple of users are the exception, you could just create a local
smbpasswd file
and add them and their passwords via smbpasswd program.  That way, when the
authentication fails on the password server, samba will 'fallback' to
checking for the users in it's smbpasswd file, and if it finds them, and the
password is correct, it will authenticate them locally.
Method ONE is preferred, IMHO...

Hope this helps,
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Hi there,

I have a samba server installed with security=domain, password server is
PDC. Now a couple of user will join a different NT domain, but they still
need the same access on the samba server as before.
Is it possible in any way, to access the same samba server with
security=domain and two different NT Domains for authentification ?

thanks for any input


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