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ctooley at amoa.org ctooley at amoa.org
Thu May 3 15:58:04 GMT 2001

This may seem like something that's specific enough that I should do it on my
own, but I'll ask anyway.

Does anyone have any migration documenation for moving data and users from
Netware to Samba?  I'm running Netware 5.0 and want to replace it with Samba 2.2
on Linux as soon as possible.  I've created all the user accounts and all of the
groups to basically mirror the Netware NDS entries.  I've got the ACL patches
installed into the kernel and all of the necessary tools.  I can get Samba
running just fine, I've got plenty of experience with that part of it.  However,
what I'm wondering is if there is an easy way to retain the ACL information from
Netware and move the data over to a Linux box.  I would think that there should
be some migration docs distributed with Samba for people wishing to switch
platforms, however it's not that unrealistic to believe they aren't there yet.

If no one else has anything done, I will start such documentation with my
process and basically start all over again in building the Samba box just to be

Chris Tooley

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