samba 2.2 / Windows 2000

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Thu May 3 15:39:16 GMT 2001

i have found that this error can be avoided by NOT adding the machine
account to the smbpasswd file.  Just make sure the machine account (with the
$) is in your system passwd file, and try to add the machine to the domain.
In my case, anyway, samba took care of adding the account to the smbpasswd
file by itself upon joining the machine to the domain.

this may not be the case for you, but it's worth a shot.


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> excellent, thank you. it worked :)
> now, the only problem is, I get a new error message
> "The procedure number is out of range."
> Do I need to now set-up a trust relationship for this machine 'avant$'?
> Any ideas as to what this error message relates to in a samba world?
> Thanks.
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> Make sure that not only the user 'avant' is in /etc/passwd but that the
> machine
> 'avant$' is in there, too. Shell may be e.g. /bin/false
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