sharing a serial plotter on samba?

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Thu May 3 12:08:39 GMT 2001


I did this some time ago with success (with a suse linux 7.0 intel box and
samba 2.0.7), since I do not have access to the print server at the moment 
I can only give some hints:

1. you have to set up the plotter in the unix system,
 search the printer-howto from the linux documentation project.
 you have to do the right entries in the  /etc/printcap so tell
 the system to use a serial port, this seems to depend on the  
 spooling system you use (I used lprng, see 
2. the BSD spooler requires to set the serial port
 parameters (baud-rate etc.) before you can use the printer.
 lprng does this for you - at least it did it for me on a linux box
 (see -> howto -> points 12.10 and 11.11)
3.  setup the plotter in autocad as a local windows plotter, do a plot 
 and redirect the output to a  file, transfer this file to you unix-box (samba or ftp)
4. try to print the file via the spool-system: 
 lpr -Pnameofplotterinprintcap autocadplotfilefrompoint3
 this has to work - read the howto/manpages and adjust you settings again if not
5. after you have successfully plotted your file just add the plotter like any other
 printer to the smb.conf
6. adjust the drivers settings for the plotter on your windows machine(s)
 so it points to the samba print share on the print-server

Hope this helps,


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Subject: sharing a serial plotter on samba?

> hi all,
> I have a serial plotter (used under AutoCad) and wanted to share it using
> samba, does any body knows if this is possible? is it posible to share a
> serial port from the server using samba (2.2.0 PDC)?
> thanks in advance.
> romy

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