newbie in trouble with saaaaaaaaaaaaaamba :(

kaab kaoutar kaab_k at
Thu May 3 11:09:47 GMT 2001


I'm an old user of Microsoft, we have two local networks, one of 
windows95/98 whose workgroup is called win1, and one of NT4 workstations and 
NT4 Server whose domain is called emagin.I have installed linux mandrake7.2 
with my NT workstation,
I have installed samba, the workgroup is linux.I have created a user with 
the same login and passwd's of the administrator of NTserver called server1. 
I have added the mangled stuff in smb.conf.
I have shared adirectpry called test.
Now win1 and win2 access the directory! but from linux i access win1, my 
shared directory abut not win2 :(
it asks twice for autentication, first from the linux server then the from 
nt server(they are the same), but sometime it shows nothing in win2 domain 
and sometimes it keeps asking for authentication.
Do i need to change the NT reg because of the plain text passwords ?
i heard i have to enable LM ANNOUNCE in NT how ? i can't find it ?
i heard also that i have tmount the NT driver ????????????
Anoter qusetion: is there a way to access my shared directory once logged in 
my workstation as NT OS and vice versa?

Thanks a lot
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