various small problems with (bugs in?) Samba 2.2

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed May 2 13:08:24 GMT 2001

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On Tue, 01 May 2001 16:58:35 Patrick Goetz wrote:
> Here is a collection of problems I've encountered with 
> Samba 2.2
> 1. Log files
> I configured Samba with --prefix=/opt/samba.  Consequently, 
> by default, I get log files /opt/samba/var/log.nmbd 
> and /opt/samba/var/log.smbd .
> I'd prefer have a single log file in /var/log, however, 
> adding the line 
>     log file = /var/log/samba.log
> to the [global] section of smb.conf and restarting the daemons 
> doesn't seem to do anything -- the logs still get written 
> to /opt/samba/var/*.

This works correctly.  Thw two log files is by design.  No 
way to override this.  As far as the smb.conf parameter,
[smbd|nmbd] will write to the compile time default until
the config file is parsed.  It's a chicken and egg problem.

> 2. PID files
> Ideally I'd like to be able to have an init.d 
> script to start|stop|restart smbd and nmbd.  Unfortunately 
> I can't find any place where a pid file is written, 

Look in $prefix/var/locks/*pid

> I thought smbcontrol was something like apachectl, but 
> it appears not to be; i.e. the man page gives no
> indication of how one would use it to start stop 

smbcontrol is for sednign messages to smbd and nmbd 

> smbd/nmbd.  The Debian version of Samba 2.07 does come with 
> a init.d/samba script (albeit a terribly fubar'ed one) which 
> must work for 2.07 -- is there any way to get this 
> functionality in 2.2?

See the examples subdirectory of the samba source 

> 3. Domain Users
> On a W2K machine (with Samba 2.2 PDC), whenever I try to 
> add "Domain Users" to the list of users with permissions 
> on, say, the spool director (although the same thing 
> happens in any permission granting situation), I
> always get the message "Unable to lookup user names
> for display" and nothing is added to the list of users 
> with permissions.  Adding individual users from the domain 
> works fine.  Perhaps I'm confused about what "Domain
> Users" means -- I just assumed it meant grant 
> this permission to anyone connecting from this 
> particular NT domain.

Our domain group support is a little incomplete at the moment.

cheers, jerry
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