Again on name mapping

Marco Vittone marco.vittone at
Tue May 1 23:00:36 GMT 2001

I have not used Samba 2.2 as a PDC yet but I'm going to use it very soon.
One of the question I have is about username/group mapping between Unix and
Nt. Now that the various maps from TNG are gone away (but the code is still
in the source) what is the meaning of the "domain groups" option? And what
about the "groupname map" option found in the source? Does it works if
enabled in the build?
Another question. From the W2K point of view how domain users and groups (if
mapped) are seen in the security tab from the user? Like in 2.0.7 (so with
the Unix name) or with the NT fashion (DOMAIN\Ntname)? Is it possible to
assign permissions to global groups and users provided from the Samba PDC in
private shares from W2K Professionals box? How Unix ACL are mapped in W2K
permissions? Maybe too many questions!

Personally I think that the TNG solution (with maps) was maybe the easiest
and clear solution but I haven't tried TNG (and I'm not going to use it now
that 2.2 is out) so I'm not aware of the problems this solution may cause.
It's not a critic, is only an opinion from a user point of view, but the 2.2
approach seems quite a step backward.

Sorry for my bad english!

Best regards,
Marco Vittone

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