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Wed May 2 13:59:05 GMT 2001

You aren't by chance using an Intel EtherExpress Pro 100 or a 3com 3c905C card
in the NT box are you?

I've seen cases where having those (or I would presume any other NIC with power
manangement features that don't work quite right with the NT 4 driver) don't
wake up right after going into a PM sleep state.  It may be a timing thing with
how the card is waking up or the lack thereof.

Chris Tooley

Patrizia Canton <cantonpa at> on 05/02/2001 07:54:45 AM
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I installed samba 2.2.0 as PDC on a Pc running Debian 2.2rev2, kernel
One of the winnt users reports this error:
sometimes it happens to him to leave his PC
and after a while the screensaver starts running.
when he comes back to work on the PC
he is not anymore able to use Pc resources, he had to reset and
restart the computer.
He told me he did not have this problem before of being part of
the domain run by the samba server.
Any hint?


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