Domain Admin

Eugenijus Januškevičius ejs at
Wed May 2 13:38:06 GMT 2001

Anthony Chris Cocozzo wrote:

> Here is the setup:
> RH7.0 with all updates applied and samba 2.2 installed and running.
> I have several W98 clients and 2 NT4 clients.  Browsing and shares all work
> like a charm.
> What I can't seem to figure out is how do I give the people with the NT
> boxes (me being one of them) sufficient rights to adjust the time, install
> programs, etc when we are logged into the domain.  I am using the net time
> command in a login script and it keeps telling me I don't have sufficient
> rights to change the time.

Add the user to 'Power Users' local group or change system policy to 
allow 'Users' or INTERACTIVE group to change system time.
IMHO, it will be better to take some shareware tool, that runs as a 
service on NT.

When installing programs you must be able to write to specific places of 
the disk: 'Program Files' and below, '%WinDir%\System32' and below, also 
you must be able to change and add values to registry HKLM hive.

The best solution, imho, is installing programs as administrator. Or you 
may adjust permitions for these directories.


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