Samba 2.2.0 and windows groups

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Greetings all,

I've got a case where a user wants to enable access to a number of
samba shares based upon which windows group they are in.  From what I
understand this can only be accomplished using the recent 2.2.0
release of samba.  To this end I have installed 2.2.0 with
security=DOMAIN and all the relevant stuff but am not sure how to
actually configure the shares or user mapping/authentication to use
windows groups.  I can't find any reference in the doco except to
mention that this stuff is experimental, which, given that this
integration seems to be the grounds for a major release of samba, is
not very encouraging.

The scenario in more detail is thus...

SHARE1 needs to be READ-ONLY for members of NTGROUP1
SHARE1 needs to be READ-WRITE for members of NTGROUP2
SHARE2 needs to be READ-ONLY for members of NTGROUP3
SHARE2 needs to be READ-WRITE for members of NTGROUP4
and so on....

I think I need to use the 'user map' function and map "USER1 to
NTGROUP1", "USER2 to NTGROUP2" and then use the 'valid users' keyword
in each share to say that "USER1 is a valid user for SHARE1".

I know for a Unix group I can just use USER1=@UNIXGROUP1 in the map

Am I on the right track or am I way off and in need of a serious
re-schooling on samba/windows interaction?

Any help/suggestions/pointers-to-doco appreciated greatly!

Adrian Blount

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