win2k wkst joining samba 2.2 pdc

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue May 1 21:40:54 GMT 2001

On Tue, 01 May 2001 15:34:57 Ken Palosaari wrote:
> Yes I have read the latest HOWTO, I didn't realize you would
> need a add user script for win2000, I was under the 
> impression win2k would make entries in /etc/passwd 
> and sambapasswd automatically, I didn't realize it 
> required the script for 2k.  

the script is only requied for NT/2k if you do not manually 
create the machine trust accounts.  If you want to use 
the "create this account on the fly" thing, then you do 
need it.

> So I tried adding the entry manually now I get 
> a "The procedure number is out of range." error.
> pctest$:506:
>	882D8750941D0A28D109DED161091DFE:
>	4D76E00AC502B4F367A64E700A775FE0:
>	[W      ]:LCT-3AEF1A34:

Hmm...these hashes are not the reight valkue, that's 
for sure.  How did you generate this entry?

> and here is the entry in my /etc/passwd:
> pctest$:x:506:5000:NTMachine:/dev/null:/bin/false


> My samba server is a sun ultra 10 running solaris 8 

Cheers, jerry
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