Disappearing Shares

Johnson, Byron G. bgjohnson at tasc.com
Tue May 1 15:56:34 GMT 2001

I am running 2.2.0 on a RH 6.2 system.  My network consists on one Linux box
and a bunch of W2K machines.  I can browse the Linux shares from the W2K
boxes okay and can mount the W2K shares on the Linux box BUT
1.	When I execute the command to mount a W2K share, it takes about 5
minutes for the command to complete (return to the prompt) AND
2.	With one exception, after the W2K shares are mounted, the W2K shares
disappear after a few hours and the directory where a share was mounted is
empty.  At that point, I have to re-mount the W2K shares.  There is one W2K
share that does not disappear and seems to have been there for several days.

Any ideas where I can start?

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