FTP-server and NT user authentication

Maurice Hoeneveld M.hoeneveld at hes-rdam.nl
Fri Mar 30 14:30:08 GMT 2001

Hello all

I have a question and hope someone can give me a hint.

After some experimenting with Samba it worked to create a Solaris machine 
which holds the 6000 shares for our users. Each users is automaticaly 
connected to his own share when logging on to the NT domain.
The next step is that we want to give access to the machine from outsite 
using FTP.
Does anyone know a FTP server which can be configured to use the NT user 
authentication to log in to this Solaris machine?
Or can I make a configuration of samba so it joines our NT domain as a 
fileserver and is also accasible for the users via ftp with their own 

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks for your time

Maurice Hoeneveld
Technical System Engineer
E-mail : m.hoeneveld at hes-rdam.nl

Hogeschool voor Economische Studies
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3006 AA Rotterdam
The Netherlands 

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