Sharing violation error

Kim Malafant kim at
Thu Mar 29 22:18:03 GMT 2001

Dear All,

Have a SAMBA installation where one user is experiencing "sharing
violations" on a particular directory on one share. This has only just
occurred although they have been running for about two months. The user
opens a number of MS Word documents in the sam directory and is cutting and
pasting between them. He is saving regularly and every now and then gets an
error message saying that the file cannot be saved due to either low memory
or the fact that the disk is full. He seems to have plenty of available tmp
space on the client and ther is more thatn 40 Gb free space on te disk
containing the share.

Checking the logs for the machine (client) indicates that there was a
"sharing violation". It is always for the "tmp" file created by MS word in
the directory. He then cannot save the file etc etc. The files in the
directory seem to have the "archive" bit set from the NT side.

Any suggestions about the cause and possible solutions please.

Thanks in advance.
Kim Malafant
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