New Samba Install / Replicating UNIX Passwords Over to smbpas swd File

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Hi James,
Try this:

#touch /tmp/

#addtosmbpass `cut -f1 -d: /etc/passwd` </tmp/

^^^^^^all one line^^^^^^

This should pass a list of all the usernames in your /etc/passwd file to
addtosmbpass, and create an smbpasswd file of the proper format in

Another way to do it, if you pulled the SOURCE as well, or if your
distribution includes
the 'scripts' directory, is:


(this will be a different path on your installation, I am sure - the above
is from the 
  HP-UX 11.0 installation)

This will take all the entries in your /etc/passwd file and create 
appropriate entries in your smbpasswd file (which you should locate in the 
/usr/local/samba/private subdirectory, or whereever your specific
installation expects it). 

The syntax is as follows: 

cat /etc/passwd| >/var/opt/samba/private/smbpasswd 

You will probably want to go in and remove the entries for root, ftp, etc 
afterwards. And you will still have to use smbpasswd to set your user's pc 
passwords. But it's quick... 


but since there is no way to generate an NTLM encrypted password directly 
from the Unix encrypted password in the /etc/passwd file, you NEED a way to 
allow your unix users to change their own smb passwords. The smbpasswd
when run by a NON-root user, requires that they know the current password in

order to change it. 
Below I have documented a method whereby you can set ALL passwords in the 
smbpasswd file to an 'initial' password that you can give your unix users to
them to change their own password from unix using the smbpasswd command: 

1. Create the smbpasswd file using one of the methods explained above. 
2. use the smbpasswd command, as root, to create an initial password for 
   one of the users now in the smbpasswd file: 

        #/opt/samba/bin/smbpasswd username 
        New SMB password: fishlips   (not actually echoed, just here for
        Retype new SMB password: fishlips  (not actually echoed, just here
for clarity)
        Password changed for user username. 
3. edit the /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd file with vi, and find 
   the entry for the user whose password you just changed. You will 
   notice that it has the following format: 


E31:[U ]:LCT-00000000:username,location,phone 

   the encrypted password fields (the data will be different, based 
   on what you fed smbpasswd command when you changed the passwd) 
   are the third and fourth fields, in the example above, 


4. Note that all other entries in the smbpasswd file have these 
   fields set to all "X"'s: 


5. what you want to do at this point, is replace the default passwd 
   fields (the "X"'s) with your new initial encrypted passwd fields. 
   To do this in vi, you can use the following command: 



   (all the above on a single line in vi) 
    obviously, a judicious use of cut and paste would be helpful 
    Then save your changes. 

6. after this, every user in your smbpasswd file will have the 
   same initial password as what you set for 'username'. And 
   they will be able to log to unix with their unix username and 
   use the smbpasswd command to change this initial password to one 
   of their own choosing. 

There  are probably a million different ways to skin this cat, James; but
this is 
the one I used once...

Hope this helps,
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I have recently installed and begun configuring Samba for the first time.
The Samba server (smbd) is configured and
running on my UNIX box.

However, I am in the process of replicating my UNIX /etc/passwd file over
to my Samba smbpasswd file. I have attempted
to use the addtosmbpass script, but to no avail. The syntax that I am using
to follow:

     addtosmbpass /etc/passwd /opt/samba/lib/smbpasswd

I have also tried the smbpasswd program and enter the individual passwords.
This is not working either.

Does anyone have a trick or pointers on the quickest way to get my UNIX
/etc/passwd passwords into my samba
smbpasswd file? ?

I have been following the online documentation as well as the documentation
found in the "Using Samba" book.

I am also having a few problems getting the NT server to authenticate
itself with the UNIX/Samba server and
visa versa.

It would be wonderful if someone could give me a call. Especially if they
have gone through the same ordeal that I am
going through.


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